Chuck Allen Memorial Pickleball Tournament

2024 Chuck Allen Memorial Pickleball Tournament

Over and Under 50

  • Saturday, July 27, 2024 – Men’s and Women’s Doubles
  • Sunday, July 28, 2024- Mixed Doubles

Rain Dates: The following weekend, August 3rd and 4th

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2023 Chuck Allen Memorial Pickleball Tournament

There was an overwhelming response to the 3 rd Annual Chuck Allen Pickleball Tournament. We had 140 teams (200 people) compete against each other. This represents an increase of 30 teams from last year. The tournament (entry fees, raffle and other donations) raised a total $7,500 which benefits the Double H Mission in Lake Luzerne. That's over $2,000 more raised than last year! Many thanks to all the folks who worked on making the tournament possible and those businesses and individuals who donated raffle items. The raffle alone raised $2,200, plus we had 2 sponsors; CDPHP and Pickleball Galaxy. There are so many to thank including all the players who took part in the tournament. That includes those players who couldn't make it this year due to last minute injury or life circumstances but donated their entry fees! I apologize in advance if I've overlooked anyone.

  • Tournament Committee: Cindy Allen, Mary Hilliard, Maura Fox (registrar), Ann McCullough, Lynne Michaels.
  • Scorekeepers: Jody Fibiger, Cynthia Dew, Jane Barton and Doug Armstrong
  • Registration : Mary Kaiser, James Kafka, Carol Weeks, Carol Berry, Lindy Owen’s, Lori Baldauf
  • Photographer: James Kafka
  • Donation Coordinator: Suzanne Casey & Sara Mannix (Mannix Marketing donated ADKPB Website)
  • Raffle sales force:  Krista Tommell, Tom and Sue Sargent and Dania Reed Welch.
  • Grounds and Net Manager: Phil Mann
  • Town of Queensbury: Recreation Department
  • ADK Pickleball Tee Shirt Coordinator: Tim Saltis
  • Sound: Andy Serra
  • Event Sponsors: Pickleball Galaxy (Pat Bernardo), Paddletek (via Gina Family), Inside Edge, Dance Studio (Jen Cornell), Ken Henderson, Ellen Fitzpatrick, Kim Cantanucci, Etched in Valor, Adirondack Winery, Six Flags, Airway Meadows, Adirondack Extreme, Tubby Tubes (via Linda Johnson), YMCA, Springbrook Distillery


Below find the list of medalists– though we consider all players who took part in this event winners! Look forward to seeing you next year, and with appreciation, Tournament Committee Chuck Allen Pickleball Tournament

Results for 3rd Annual Chuck Allen Memorial Pickleball Tournament

Women’s Intermediate

Gold: Divya Bhati & Tina Palmero
Silver: Holly Traver & Jennifer Kendrick
Bronze: Jess Samplaski & Susan Comito
Honorable Mention Marylou Vosburgh & Jayne Belair

Womens Advanced Division

Gold: Marina Metzold & Sydnee Metzold
Silver: Becky Kern and Deb Murray
Bronze: Pam Mantas & Meg Culligan
Honorable Mention Cathy Taylor & Ann Slattery

Advanced Men Over 50

Gold: Larry Cuilla & Alan Ball
Silver: Joe Lamb & Dan Buffone
Bronze: Jorge Aguilara & Joe Casey
Honorable Mention Don Bossow & Mark Shevlin

Advanced Men Under 50

Gold: Niko Tumela & Dwayne Eckert
Silver: Chris Crucetti & John Richburg
Bronze: Joseph Schember & Andrew Fishlinger
Honorable Mention Andy Hilliard & Mike Mashuta

Intermediate Men

Gold: Matt Haag & Kevin Dennis
Silver: Mike Burns and Anthony Laiacona
Bronze: Paul Batchelder & Richard Unger
Honorable Mention Chris Fletcher & Tim Mitchell

Advanced Mixed Over 50

Gold: Marina Metzold & Bart Metzold
Silver: Fayne Frey and Glen Yayaian
Bronze: Maryanne Lee & Frank Lee
Honorable Mention Sara Mannix & Mark Mannix

Advanced Mixed Under 50

Gold: Sydnee Metzold & Chris Crucetti
Silver: Kim Taylor & Mike McGovern
Bronze: Victoria Garcia & Michael Rose
Honorable Mention Diane Fronhofer & Greg Dedrick

Intermediate Mixed Under 50

Gold: Anton Gross & Suzanne Seay
Silver: Jess Samplaski & Joe Carrasone
Bronze: EJ Hakala & Linda Robinson
Honorable Mention Debbie Beckos & Jamie Johnson

Intermediate Mixed Over 50 Division 1

Gold: Cheryl Thomas & Jeff Kilburn
Silver: Maggie Evans & Joe Trusso
Bronze: Kirsten MacTavish & Jeff Butterfield
Honorable Mention Natalie Greene & Tom Greene

Intermediate Mixed Over 50 Division 2

Gold: Lisa Dennison & David Poplawski
Silver: Tina Palmero & Chris Martin
Bronze: Divya Bhatia & Warren Crow
Honorable Mention Jennifer Gallow & Paul Batchelder